Health & Safety

‌Fitness and Health

千亿体育网站Several areas work in close collaboration with each other and other University departments to promote a high standard of health, safety, educational achievement, accessibility and overall well-being for all of the campus community.

千亿体育网站These areas are:

Safety - University Police

The University Police Department千亿体育网站 is an autonomous, fully certified and operational law enforcement agency that serves New Jersey’s second largest and fastest growing university. The Montclair State University Police Department is charged with the enforcement of all state and local laws as well as university rules and regulations. It is also responsible for the implementation of programs and services designed to promote public safety, crime prevention and community awareness.

千亿体育网站The department is currently staffed by thirty full-time police officers, ten dispatchers and one administrative assistant. Montclair State University Police Officers are responsible for providing all law enforcement and emergency services to the campus community. All Police Officers are trained and certified by the New Jersey State Police Training Commission and must attend and complete a rigorous basic training course for police officers at the Passaic County Police Academy.

Security Reports & Drug Free Schools

In compliance with federal laws and regulations, the following information is provided for your personal health and safety. Please familiarize yourself with the following information:

 Questions regarding these reports can be directed to Student Development and Campus Life Vice President, Karen L. Pennington,